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Brussels, Belgium

Priyanka Shankar

Independent multimedia journalist




Will NATO engage with Russia’s security demands?

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New EU ink rules force tattoo artists to change their spots

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Asia-Europe summit: Is the EU gaining more ground in Indo-Pacific?

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Inside Europe

This is a radio report about the trial of three human rights workers in Greece. Inside Europe, a one-hour news magazine, delivers the big stories of the week: news, politics, culture and more. Please follow Inside Europe's podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox and wherever you usually get your podcasts. Thanks for listening!
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France and UK engage in blame game over English Channel tragedy

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EU lawmakers pass Common Agricultural Policy deal — but green critics sound alarm

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From refugee to rescuer, one Syrian woman faces Europe's hostility to migrants

Sarah Mardini fled Syria's civil war and gained asylum in the EU. Now she's on trial for helping others attempt the same. “I survived a civil war, swam across the perilous sea to seek refuge in Europe and managed to stay mentally strong throughout. But the trauma I've experienced after being charged for providing aid to asylum seekers is something I can never forget,” said Sarah Mardini.
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Poland-Belarus migrant crisis: Where does the EU stand?

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The Europeans

I was a freelance assistant producer for this episode. This week, a story that spans three generations of women: Sara, her mother, and her grandmother. In their collective lifetimes, Albania entered a communist dictatorship; the regime fell; and then there was a transition. And through it all, there was a dish: trahana. This is the third episode from our series This Is What A Generation Sounds Like: intimate stories from young Europeans across the continent.
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Exposed: How big farm lobbies undermine EU's green agriculture plan

Farmers and lobby groups are split on an EU agricultural reform that may increase farmers' incomes and consumers' prices. A DW joint report reveals a rift between farmers and the groups purporting to represent them.
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EU, fearful of refugee crisis, delays response on Afghan asylum

Migration and human rights experts call on the EU to deliver a more proactive and unified response on Afghan asylum.
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G20 leaders to aid Afghans — without cozying up to Taliban

Leaders and representatives from G20 nations have stressed the importance of supporting Afghanistan — without recognizing the Taliban.
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Priyanka Shankar

I'm an independent journalist with a keen interest in press freedom, human rights and podcasting. I mainly produce stories covering human rights, identity, culture and the future of work.

My work can be seen in Deutsche Welle, Al Jazeera, The Europeans Podcast, Are We Europe, Welcome to the Jungle, the Solutions Journalism Network, Reuters, and others.

Outside a newsroom, you will find me rambling along mountains or scuba diving. Dance, music and exploring different forms of street art are other passions.



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