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G20 leaders to aid Afghans — without cozying up to Taliban

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Afghan refugees in Greece still stuck in limbo

Afghan refugees in Greece are increasingly worried about their status. The EU's differing and uncertain asylum policies are making it even harder for them to cope.
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The Entrepreneur First Podcast

I produce this podcast hosted by Matt Clifford and Alice Bentinck, co-founders of Entrepreneur First, this is your first stop for insightful conversations about entrepreneurship, technology, and science as we talk to founders building globally ambitious technology companies. As entrepreneurship becomes the path for the world’s most ambitious individuals to make an impact – the speed at which incredible companies are being formed is blistering.
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Europe's next illiberal democracy?

Slovenia, aka Katy's favourite country, is increasingly drawing comparisons with Hungary and Poland when it comes to the state of its democracy. Can this worrying direction of travel be reversed? This week we ring up our favourite Sloveniologist Aljaž Pengov Bitenc to find out. We're also talking about Bulgaria's political rock star, and a shocking attack on a Dutch crime journalist.
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Bread Week

Few people talk about bread in such magical terms as Apollonia Poilâne. This week we speak to the head of one of France's most prestigious bakeries about the secrets of sourdough and taking over the family company aged just 18. We're also talking about Iceland's four-day week experiment, a cyberattack that took out hundreds of Swedish supermarkets, and boosting body positivity in Norway.
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The women who built Europe

Streets, cities, train stations: across the continent, they're likely to be named after men. What if the women who shaped Europe were given the recognition they deserve? This week, Katy speaks to the Irish journalist Mary Fitzgerald and Italian writer Francesca Cavallo, co-author of Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls, about a wonderful project which reimagines the Brussels metro map in celebration of brilliant European women.
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Inventing an Alphabet

This week, Eurovision, panthers, and a celebration of Cyrillic writing. Ahead of a Cyrillic national holiday in several Eastern European countries, we chat to typography designers Maria Doreuli and Krista Radoeva about what makes the script so special. We're also talking about the Paris mayor's war on cars, and why Slovenia's populist prime minister is really, really into panthers.
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Inside Europe: 06.05.2021

Members of the European Parliament, known as MEPs, enjoy specific immunities which are necessary for them to carry out their tasks in the European Union. These diplomatic privileges guarantee members protection when they express opinions, and protection from arrest warrants during Parliament sessions. But what happens when an MEP commits a criminal offence? For Deutsche Welle, Alex White and I look into the parliamentary committee that can waive this right, making the MEP a regular citizen liable to prosecution (Our report starts at 26'26").
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Unravelling a Scandal

The Oscar-nominated Romanian film Collective is enraging and inspiring in equal measure. This week we hear from Răzvan Luțac, one of the investigative journalists who uncovered the vast healthcare scandal at the heart of the film. We're also talking about a fascinating court case brought by young German climate activists, censorship allegations on Italian TV, and a missing finger.
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The Northern Ireland Knowledge Gap

Why are so many British people completely clueless when it comes to understanding Northern Ireland, given that it's part of the UK? After days of rioting in Northern Irish towns and cities, we speak to historian Tim Mc Inerney, co-host of the excellent podcast The Irish Passport, about the strange island-of-Ireland-shaped hole in many Brits' understanding of their own history.
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Vaccine tourism: Why are people crossing borders for a jab?

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All aboard! We love trains here at The Europeans, but your ability to get around the continent by rail depends a lot on where you live. This week we're chatting to Italian data journalist Lorenzo Ferrari about why Vienna has a ton of international train connections and Albania has... zero. We're also talking about Kosovo's super-popular new female president, the Netherlands' less-popular PM, and a Swiss underwear controversy.
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Priyanka Shankar

I'm an independent journalist with a keen interest in press freedom, human rights and podcasting. I mainly produce stories covering human rights, identity, culture and the future of work.

My work can be seen in Deutsche Welle, Al Jazeera, The Europeans Podcast, Are We Europe, Welcome to the Jungle, the Solutions Journalism Network, Reuters, and others.

Outside a newsroom, you will find me rambling along mountains or scuba diving. Dance, music and exploring different forms of street art are other passions.



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